The Easy Peasy, Itsy Bitsy, Bite-Sized Self-Care Challenge for Caregivers

Go from hassled and frazzled to calmer and more balanced in just 7 days!

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Learn how easy it is to gently slip short, simple self-care actions into your life. 
When you’re less stressed and more at ease in yourself, you not only feel better, you are a better caregiver for your loved one, too.

This mini challenge is for you if you struggle with the stress of taking care of someone else.

This free, short 7-day challenge to help you take small actions of self-care that only take a couple of minutes to complete.
You’ll experience just how easy – and fun! – it can be to take care of yourself.

What does the “Challenge” involve?

  • Each weekday of the challenge you’ll get an email with a short video explaining your self-care action of the day – an easy thing you can do for yourself that takes just a couple of minutes or less!
  • Each day’s action will include a simple prompt or thought to help you do your self-care with ease!
  • When you’ve done your self-care action of the day, you’ll be asked to let us know in our private Facebook group. 
  • This will be a totally safe space in which to learn and share with your challenge companions!

That’s it!

Laura Donnelly and Imogen Ragone will be your hosts for this super easy challenge that you can do in less than five minutes a day.

We invite you to join us.

Isn’t it time to do something for YOU?

This challenge will show you how, in a way that’s super easy, quick, and fun!

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