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July 2020: Our Last Caregivers Central Share N Learn


June 2020: Starting to Reopen After Lockdown, Stress, and Caregiving


May 2020: Caregiving, Stress and Self-Care During COVID-19


April 2020: Coping, Caregiving, and Communication During COVID-19


March 2020: Caregiving During COVID-19


February 2020: The Power of the Pause


January 2020: Caregiving vs. Caretaking with special guest Victoria Day


December 2019: The Holidays, Stress, Caregiving and More!

In this video we have a far-ranging discussion. Here are a few minute markers to help you locate specific parts of the session more easily:

  • Minute 1:15: TheCyCle 
    This is followed by a wide-ranging discussion about who is a caregiver, self-care for caregivers (and how important it is), do we have time for ease (Yes!), the Holidays, and giving and receiving.
  • Minute 32: Exploration around giving/receiving gifts.
  • Minute 41: Imogen tells a bit more about her current caregiving situation with her mum.
  • Minute 47: Discussion on loss, being in the moment, different types of ease, being in the process, the words we use to ourselves, and paying attention.
  • Minute 57: Sharing of Gratitude.


November 2019 Part 2: “17 Steps”

In this video Imogen and Laura explain and guide the “17 Steps” process which we explored together in the November Share N Learn, but was not recorded due to loss of internet. It’s a way to explore different situations and issues you are dealing with through a lens of ease. 


November 2019 Part 1: How The Changing Season Affects Carers and Caregiving

NOTE: The recording cut off when Imogen lost internet connection about half way through the meeting. Above is a recording Imogen and Laura made explaining and guiding the “17 Steps” process used toward the end of the meeting – a way to explore different situations and issues you are dealing with through a lens of ease.


October 2019: The Benefits of Laughter for Caregivers with special guest Alexa Drubay


September 2019: Family Dynamics and Caregiving Part II


August 2019: Family Dynamics and Caregiving


July 2019: Dealing with Disruption and Distraction


June 2019: The Learning Curve of Caregiving with special guest, Miriam Grace


May 2019: Apply the Principles of Ease in Different Situations


April 2019: Writing for Self-Care, with special guest Dale Darley

March 2019: Coming Soon


February 2019: Self-Care