In Caregivers Central TheCyCleTM is our foundational stress relief – and self-care – practice.

TheCyCleTM was created by Alexander Technique teacher Mio Morales as a way to systematically practice and explore thinking constructively in a way that cultivates ease in your whole system, and provides a foundation for being able to apply and integrate this skill into your life to help you in any situation.

In our Caregivers Central private Facebook Group we guide you through TheCyCleTM twice a week.
You can access the latest practice videos here:

(You can also go back through TheCyCleTM video practice archives here, too:

How to Do TheCyCleTM

Get step by step written instructions and tips in this handout by Imogen: TheCyCle.pdf

The following two videos provide training, instructions, and guided practice of this foundational stress relief/self-care tool:

Track Your Practice & Progress:

Use this chart by Laura to help you develop a regular practice (we recommend you do it twice a day), and track your practice and progress: TheCyClePracticeChart