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Caregivers Central is for accidental caregivers – ordinary people who find themselves responsible in some way for the care of someone else. 

Become less stressed and more at ease as you navigate your caregiving journey.

That’s better for you AND better for your loved ones. 

Imogen and Laura

Caregivers Central, created by Laura Donnelly and Imogen Ragone,  supports all phases of the caregiving journey. We share the tools we have found valuable in our own caregiving journeys in a supportive community. We are both experienced teachers and practitioners of the Alexander Technique, which is a simple method for being easier in your mind and body in all situations. 

When you’re less stressed and more at ease in yourself, you not only feel better but can be a better caregiver for your loved one.


“When I was blindsided and saddled with my 89-year-old aunt/friend who had no place else to go, I had no idea how to deal with it. This encouraged me to join Caregivers Central, and what I experienced changed my attitude from being saddled to being gifted by her presence. It helped me shift my attitude. Being part of Caregivers Central encouraged my patience and being able to see things in a different light and through a different lens.”

~Julie F., Caregivers Central Founding Member

“All of us humans have moments in our lives that we feel broken like a vessel. The real challenge is what do we do then? How do we progress? The best outcome, of course, is to not only mend but rather to be able to utilize these experiences to grow and better ourselves.

“Imogen Ragone and Laura Donnelly help individuals fill the cracks with gold. They do it with their gentle and compassionate words and tones, they do it with their skills and understanding and allow us to go on despite experiencing hardships.

“On a personal note, I am glad to report vast improvement in how I feel since I have been privileged to meet Imogen and Laura.”

~Talya Bar, Massachusetts
Caregivers Central Founding Member

Who is it for?

Caregivers Central is for anyone who finds themselves responsible for the care of someone else. You may not think of yourself as a caregiver, but you are a caregiver if you’re responsible for the care of someone else in any way.

It’s for you if you care for a loved one long-distance. Your loved one – often a parent or other relative – lives in a different town, state, or even country. You’re responsible for their care, but you don’t live with them or nearby. You manage a lot of things remotely. And when you go to visit you dive into full-on in-home care for brief periods.

It’s for you if you care for your loved one at home full-time – or if you’ve moved into their home to take care of them.

It’s for you if you live close to your loved one. You may find yourself going back and forth weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day. You may live close enough that you can do day trips sometimes but are also doing a lot remotely.

It’s for you if your loved one is in a care home, but you’re the one responsible for making sure their needs are met.

It’s for you if you’ve arranged for professional in-home care visits for your loved one.

It’s for you if you share caregiving responsibilities with other people, often other family members.

Caregiving comes in many different forms, and that form can change suddenly and often.

Caregiving responsibilities can even continue after the death of your loved one.

Basically Caregivers Central is for you whatever form caregiving takes for you.

We offer online workshops, courses, and our free 7-day easy self-care adventure as tools and resources to support you throughout your unique caregiving journey. Click here to join our mailing list and keep up to date on Caregivers Central offerings and receive your free download, 7 Super Simple Self-Care Solutions.

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About Laura & Imogen:

Laura Donnelly is a teacher, coach, choreographer, dancer, and writer. Her work, Dancing with Ease – Body-Brain Balance, is based on the Alexander Technique, Movement Fundamentals, and Somatics. She helps people create ease, flow, and balance in life and work.

Imogen Ragone is the creator of the BodyIntelligence programs which help women transform stress and excess tension into ease, confidence, and inner calm using the Alexander Technique.

Visit the About Us page for complete biographies.

Receive our infographic: 7 Super Simple Self-Care Solutions especially for caregivers when you subscribe to the Caregivers Central mailing list. You’ll also receive information, tips, and advance notice on upcoming events to help you navigate your caregiving journey with ease.

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