Endings and Beginnings

A Note from Imogen and Laura:

We hope that you are doing well on your caregiving journeys whatever stage of the journey you’re traveling through now. All journeys have a beginning, middle, and end.

If you’ve been following us, you may have noticed that we have been quiet lately – no videos, no emails, and no new courses for Caregivers Central. Imogen was very busy the first half of 2021 as part of a research project investigating the value of the Alexander Technique for people caring for people with dementia. This was an intense experience and generated lots of good information.

Part of what happened for both of us during 2021 to now, is that we took time away from creating new events for Caregivers Central. We both spent more time focused on our individual businesses: Imogen’s BodyIntelligence and Laura’s Body-Brain-Business Balance.

An important thing that we realized is that the primary focus of our work, both individually and together as part of Caregivers Central, is teaching people to take care of themselves using Ease and the principles of the Alexander Technique.

This work is so powerful in its gentle and self-affirming process. We encourage you to investigate the many ways it can support you and make your life flow with more ease and grace.

We both supported each other with this work and approach as we navigated our own caregiving journeys with our parents, and this was the inspiration for us to create Caregivers Central. We are happy with work and projects we created that helped many people lighten their loads as they navigated their own caregiving journeys.

We have realized that we will both continue to support caregivers but that the narrow focus only on caregivers as a group no longer brings ease to either of us or to our businesses. We made a short video for you, which you can find at the bottom of this email.

As we conclude this phase of our Caregivers Central journey, we encourage you to remember your own self-care as you navigate your caring journeys.

We want to affirm that we’re both here to support you on your journeys whether in caregiving, recovering from caregiving, changing careers, dealing with stress or trauma, healing from injury, or simply being a little happier each day.

Please check out our individual websites and take advantage of the offerings (some free and some paid) we each have for exploring and expanding your knowledge of the Alexander Technique and how you can apply it to various activities in your life.

To stay in touch with Imogen sign-up here for her 7 Tips to Relieve Stress – simple tips to help you shift from stress to ease in the moment.

To stay in touch with Laura sign-up here for 2 Quick & Easy Tips to help you return to balance and ease. There’s a calendar on this page, feel free to grab a time on there for us to chat.

Ultimately, the unique benefits of the Alexander Technique are discovered in the ways we are able to adapt and apply the principles to the individual situations in our lives, whatever they may be. 

Please stay in touch.

Warmest wishes from us both,
Laura & Imogen